Legal Music Downloads for Just Nine Cents per Track!

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Hi, and welcome to the cheap legal music downloads website. My name’s Rob and I’ve been an avid music fan since my teens. I enjoy listening to an eclectic mix of music from Angelique Kidjo to ZZ Top. Over the last few years I’ve tried a number of music download sites but the best I have yet found offers tracks for just 9 cents each! On this page I’ll be explaining how it all works and sharing my experiences of the service.


LegalSounds has been around since 2005, and they are the cheapest legal music download site I have found, offering incredibly inexpensive mp3s! The music on the site is regularly updated and I have always been pleased with the huge range they offer.

LegalSounds songs are 9 cents each, though you can of course buy full albums for around 1-2 dollars if you want. This means your first account credit goes quite a long way! You can also get free bonus tracks when you top up your account!

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How Do You Sign up For LegalSounds?

You can sign up for LegalSounds here – it’s a simple and secure process. They ask you to provide a security question and answer, in case you forget your login details. You receive a free track once you’ve signed up, and you can also download one free track every day afterwards. You also get the full US Top 40 singles free after joining.

Does Legal Sounds Have a Good Choice of Tunes?

LegalSounds boasts a massive selection of cheap legal music downloads, as well as audiobooks. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the variety on offer! Whether I’ve been looking for some Roots Reggae, vintage Pink Floyd or latest Eminem, I can almost always find what I want. At the time of writing LegalSounds offers:

232,972 artists

319,711 albums

3,038,981 songs

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If they don’t have the track(s) you want, there’s a neat feature called music request. Click this, log in and you can complete a form to contact LegalSounds support and request the music you’d like to download.

Another nifty feature is that you can listen to a preview of each track before you decide to buy – I particularly like this as I love to sample new music. With the preview you can usually get a pretty good idea of whether you’re going to like your selection.

How Can I Pay for My Music Downloads?

LegalSounds securely process Mastercard, Visa, Paysafe and uKash payments for your mp3 downloads. The minimum you can add to your account is $25, and this applies each time you add credit to your account. What you pay into your account does not expire, so you can use it as and when you need. They also offer some great incentives for topping up:

Add $39.00 to your account, get 50 free songs

Add $50.00, get 80 free songs,

Add $100.00, get 200 free songs or

Add $200.00, get 2000 free songs!

How do I Download my Music to my Computer?

With the LegalSounds Music Downloader – I really like this bit of software and think it helps to put LegalSounds a cut above its competitors. You just download it (bug and virus free) from the site. Once installed, the music downloader enables you to queue music for download, and pause and resume downloads at will. You can also keep an eye on your account balance, and which purchases you’ve downloaded so far.

An important point is that if you need to download a track or album more than once, you can, as LegalSounds remembers what you’ve purchased. LegalSounds exclusively offer mp3 tracks, which can be played on any mp3 compatible device. The sound quality of the mp3s varies between 192 and 320kbps – I have always found my downloads to be crystal clear.

Can I play this music on my iPod?

Absolutely! Your music can be downloaded to your computer and then transferred to, and played on any mp3 compatible device (including iPods, iPhones, your laptop, mobile phone etc.). It’s also compatible with iTunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player, and can be burned to Cd.

Click the banner below to check out Legalsounds and thanks for visiting!



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